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On Saturday 1st September 2018, Allports Group were thrilled to deliver four brand new 68 plate Renault Range T480 Tractor units, to Leicester based, Mitchell Storage and Distribution.

During the handover, there was a training session held with the MSD drivers to demonstrate new features and the change in the dashboard layout.

Allports Group and the team at MSD have worked in Partnership for over 6 years to develop an excellent working relationship.

The new Range T’s have new 13 litre engine ensuring maximum efficiency and performance as well as reduced emissions through the Euro 6 technology. We decided on a number of optional upgrades with driver comfort and cost efficiency in mind, some of these options are listed below.

  • Driver comfort pack
  • 4 Point Cab air suspension
  • Extra storage
  • Electric sun visor
  • Handsfree MP3 interface
  • Plus many more additional feature upgrade options

Also, all the new vehicles were fitted with a 360 HD recording camera system complete with 4G live streaming. This always allows the driver full vision of his surroundings to assist in road safety as well as the office being able to view a live video.

The vehicles are supported by Allports Group Contract Hire team ensuring a high level of compliance management. The compliance system and process is supported by the Allports Group online portal which assists the transport management function at MSD.

We have certainly upgraded our trucks to the latest model and technology on offer whilst balancing the cost and the type of business that we operate within. The Renault trucks have proved to be reliable and our relationship with Allports Group and their continuous support was a big factor in making our decision.

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