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MSD increases fleet

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Palletforce Shot

MSD has increased the fleet by adding two more 18 Tonne Rigids supplied by long term partners Allports Group.

As the business enters a stage of growth due to increased volumes of pallet network deliveries and new customers joining MSD, extra resources were vital to ensuring that the very best service levels are achieved, something which MSD takes an enormous amount of pride in doing not to mention exceeding our customer’s expectations.

The new vehicles have full GPS tracking and 360 degree CCTV monitoring capabilities which gives an increased load security.

With safety in mind, we chose to have the nearside door viewing panel installed to increase direct vision for drivers on the nearside of the vehicle which is especially helpful in urban environments

Finally, you will notice that the curtains are not of our usual royal blue colour, they boast the Palletforce livery as part of the commitment shown to our brand new pallet network membership, just one of the few changes that MSD has been working on over the past six months.


MSD Main Building    60-years-398x322

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