Thu. Jun 24th, 2021

New trailers on the road

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Multi View MSD

The latest trailers added to Mitchell Storage & Distribution’s fleet have been spec’d with safety very much to the fore.

Supplied by Trailer Resources Limited they comprise of 3 double deck curtain siders and 5 straight frame single deck curtain siders increasing the trailer fleet to 11 in total.

The double decks include many features designed to maximise load security and to improve the safety of loaders.

They include:

  • Wrap round rear curtains for faster and safer loading.
  • Full height nets to help retain the load, anti-damage roof rails with reflective markers to assist forklift drivers to load the second deck safely and without damage,
  • Super single wheels and tyres to increase trailer stability and reduce weight.

With the reduced rolling resistance of the super singles compared with the normal twin wheels MSD should also benefit from better mpg. As you would expect, these trailers have full TUVXL certification.

The straight frames have no side posts giving quicker and safer side loading. They have also been spec’d with 13 pairs of load straps which are fixed to 2.5 tonne lashing rings recessed into the side rave.

These trailers have also been fitted with 1.5 tonne slide away tail lifts allowing safe loading from loading banks as well as heavy pallets loaded from ground level at the rear.

Once again, these trailers are TUVXL certified and have EN1242/2 curtains.


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