Fri. Dec 4th, 2020


pallet / freight warehousing + transport specialists


We are always on the lookout for people to join our expanding team.

MSD policy for 2020 is that we want the right people in the right roles. For over 20 years MSD has employed numerous people and the ones who belong with us and believe the company philosophy always remain and build long careers with the company. A family run business with second generation members in senior management positions and right through the company, we believe anyone wishing to wear our family name logo and work for us *Scratch that* work WITH us become part of the MSD family. If you invest in us, we invest in you. We don’t dictate, we lead. We don’t demand, we train. We don’t belittle, we believe… you.

This is Leicester’s number 1. This is MSD.

  1. Class 1 HGV Driver (Currently Closed)
  2. Class 2 HGV Driver (Currently Closed)
  3. Forklift FLT Driver (Open !! October 2020 – Apply Now)
  4. LGV Van Driver (Open!! October  – Apply Now)
  5. Transport Administrator  / Office (Currently Closed)
  6. Customer Service Administrator (Open !! October 2020 – Apply Now)
  7. Commercial Management (Currently Closed)
  8. Senior Management (Currently Closed)
  9. Warehouse Management (Currently Closed)
  10. Marketing & Sales – Social Media Management (Currently Closed)
  11. Compliance Management (Currently Closed)
  12. HR Management (Currently Closed)
  13. Business Development Management (Currently Closed)

If our vacancies our currently closed, we still welcome CV’s for these roles and we DO keep them on file.

To apply for an OPEN (or future position which is currently closed) please send your CV to :

Please make sure you use the subject heading of “JOB VACANCY = {insert here your position you wish to apply for}”

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