Mitchell Storage & Distribution Ltd has received the UK government’s ‘cyber essentials’ accreditation

The scheme, which was launched in 2014, encourages businesses to adhere to best-practices in IT security. It requires that a variety of security controls are put in place across the business, something which the company believes is particularly important as MSD has a lot of suppliers and customers who use the IT systems to carry out daily tasks.

Receiving accreditation from the Cyber Essentials scheme highlights our commitment to supporting our customers in adopting a best practice approach to all areas of cyber security. Cyber Essentials helps us to demonstrate that we treat all data that we store and process with the greatest level of care and should help give clarity and assurance to all those within the supply chain.

The accreditation is about more than securing our own IT systems. With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses are also beginning to pay more attention to the security credentials their suppliers possess.

By being pragmatic in our approach to securing our systems and developing new protocols, we can assure all of the businesses that we work with that they have an enhanced element of trust and security whilst working with MSD on a daily basis.

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