MSD takes a major step forward with a complete refresh of the ICT infrastructure.

Working towards accreditation for Cyber Essentials and becoming aware of the new GDPR regulations, there was a requirement to restructure the entire ICT system within the business.

To enable a more robust solution than employing a dedicated ICT professional within the company, MSD decided to go-to-market to find a suitable ICT support company to partner with.

After looking at some options around the midlands area, MSD chose to work with a local Leicester based company called Somerby’s IT.

From the initial meeting through to the intricate stages of specifying the system requirements, Somerby’s were always on hand to offer unbiased advice, something which will greatly benefit the ongoing relationship between the two companies moving forwards. Somerby’s will provide support during the working day for all of the MSD staff with remote assistance and on-site callout if required. All systems are completely monitored 24/7 by Somerby’s and reporting of activities such as file access and internet usage.

To ensure security of data (which was central to the scope of the project), MSD now has several defences in place to maintain a secure working environment for the systems and allows business continuity should anything untoward happen.

This includes a brand new high-performance server with an uninterruptable power supply, image-based cloud backup every hour and various firewalls installed on the routers and staff computers.

There were an additional 9 top of the range desktop computers pre-configured with the latest software to suit different departments which were installed with minimal downtime during the working day. We decided to go for the Dell Optiplex 3050 with monitor stand and 22 inch flat panel monitor to save space whilst giving a more professional image of the workstation.

We have been promising new kit to our users since Christmas 2017 and as the final stage of the whole ICT project, we are very pleased that we are now fully operational with all of the new systems in place. Since the end of January 2018, we have switched over 2 offices, extended CCTV coverage, upgraded to a brand-new VoIP phone system, had a new 100mb leased line installed and finally, we have the whole business working from a new computer station with a centralised network to store and manage data.

It has been a very successful project with only a few minor issues along the way and I would like to thank all of the staff for their patience and all of our suppliers who have helped along the way.

The only thing left for us now is to go get our Cyber Essentials accreditation.

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