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Looking to change your pallet carrier? Now for May 2020 we have great rates to assist your business! (read more)

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Looking for change?

Having problems with your existing pallet network carrier?

Needing to make a switch to support your customers?

Current supplier is letting you down?

Not getting good value for your money?

For May 2020 = MSD is now offering a great switch over package to support your daily palletised freight despatches.

Our vehicles in your area every day throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands with 18 tonners / Artics & Trailers – we can collect any size loads from 1 right up to 52 pallets at a time and get them all despatched across the UK for next day delivery for you at rates which work for over 150 current businesses who do so with us in Leicestershire every day….

Email us on : now to get started and we can get your freight moving following an account setup on the very same day…

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