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MSD / Palletforce / APN Colloboration against Covid-19 for the UK people (read more)

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Paul Sanders Palletforce Ltd The Association of Pallet Networks – Fantastic collaboration spirit and support that the #logistics industry can do to help the United Kingdom in our national fight against #covid19 – Logistics and #supplychain industry is the vital backbone of our country and as proud members of the Palletforce Network and the APN, Mitchell Storage & Distribution (MSD) Limited based in #Leicestershire we echo and fully support to offer everything we can as part of that chain to play our part.

#UK pallet networks join forces to offer government a unique supply chain service for critical supplies
The UK’s eight #pallet #networks announce a massive #collaboration, putting their 750 depots and 23,500 strong #distribution #fleet at the UK government’s disposal for emergency #supply for critical services.
The UK’s pallet networks are uniquely placed to ensure timely and reliable supply of emergency goods to anywhere in the UK. Between them they have 30,000 employees, over 750 depots, a fleet of 23,500 vehicles and offer 100% coverage by postcode.
Moreover pallet network members are leading #distribution specialists within their own regions, so they already know their regional #distribution centres, essential #businesses, hospitals and community hubs.
APN Chairman Paul Sanders says: “We are uniquely placed to offer our services to ensure that emergency supplies coming from anywhere and destined for any corner of the UK, can be delivered quickly, safely and reliably to support critical services, whether in rural or urban settings.

For more information call APN chairman Paul Sanders on | 07831 480048 or
0116 2604080

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