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New MSD ‘Point’ Service Offering for customers : Moffetts and Flatbed Trailers (read more)

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MSD is now offering a Moffett & Truck Service. A Moffett truck mounted forklift is the ideal productivity tool for delivering more in your business – and for gaining more. More precision, more versatility, more flexibility for your customer at delivery point, more competitive edge.

With a Moffett truck mounted forklift, drivers can unload cargo without waiting for assistance. The faster turnaround translates into better logistics and increased productivity for your clients needs.

The Moffett truck mounted forklift fits conveniently at the rear of our truck and trailer, taking up none of your precious load space. You can transport more goods dismounting is a breeze and we are ready to get to work in under a minute.

MSD also now operates flatbed trailers throughout the UK and to Europe.

Why use MSD Flatbed trailers?

One of the key features of our flatbed trailers is their detachable ramps. This enables the smooth loading and unloading from the ground to the trailer, without the requirement for a purpose-built loading ramp – making us flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers.

Perfect for:

  • JCBs
  • Caterpillar Machinery
  • John Deere Tractors
  • Motorhomes
  • Large items and loads

Door-to-door delivery without loading ramps!

Our flatbed trailers are able to collect and deliver from door to door. The ramps form part of the flatbed trailer, so if they are not required, we are still able to use the full available vehicle length of the trailers, which is 13.5 metres.

Deliver direct: train our drivers to drive your equipment on and off

Our customers often train the drivers of our trailers, to operate their machinery in order for them to load and unload themselves. This training can be enhanced to enable our drivers to do your customer handovers.

Further information can be found here:

  • with your detailed enquiry
  • over the phone on 0116 260 4080 to talk through your specifics
  • Site visit  – we can come to you or you to us ? one of our specialist expert team will gladly help guide you in to getting this organised.


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