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MSD has taken on 2 new large clients with global brand affiliation as part of our growth plans with 2 depot sites and a 3rd sister site in the South of Leicestershire. Our vehicle fleet has grown this year and we welcome all new businesses to talk to us in how we can assist you. […]
If your business requires help with inbound our outbound cross docking – loading/unloading/storage or night time trunking collection & delivery assistance – get in touch with us to see how we can help suit your requirements. We have a full 24 hour team with 2 dedicated transport & warehousing sites in Leicestershire and we are […]
Courtesy of ! Amazingly ‘very tastee’ chicken, lamb and vegetable samosa’s arrived hot and ready to eat this morning as all our staff came in on Friday. Showing a small token of appreciation for all of our team for the hard work they put in for our customers and network partners. Why not treat […]
At MSD, we pride ourselves on working with a wide variety of companies in diverse industries to support their distribution requirements. To find out more how we can support your sector, please get in touch ! Though the list is almost endless we can carry almost all forms of goods relating to retail including raw […]
At MSD, our Palletforce Ltd services allow us to offer our customers access to some great features. Unique to pallet networks you, with MSD, not only can have #livetracking with your #Pallets and allow your customers to get automatic #PreDelivery #Notifications, you can access your pallet #Selfie on our #Alliance system despatch software #PalletNetwork #leicestershire ‘Pallet Selfie’ Maintains Palletforce As Technology Leaders – Palletforce See our network website […]