Trailer Drop & Swap Service for daily warehouse floor space saving & ease of loading (read more)

MSD offers the facility to drop an empty trailer at your site premises. This can be used for warehouse floor space saving for palletised freight which is ready, picked & wrapped and can be loaded throughout the day. Instead of taking up space inside your warehouse waiting to be collected. We come daily to swap your loaded trailer with an empty one at anytime to suit your depot closing times.

The benefits of this can be :

  • Reduced staff hours loading each evening
  • Reduced & discounted tariff rates when shipping with us as we do not need to build in collection time & waiting for loading
  • Reduced storage in your despatch warehouse or shop floors, as you can load straight away as soon as goods are ready
  • Multiple swaps can be tailored and built in to daily set times for as many swaps as you need
  • Full control for ease of reference over what you are sending each day whilst loading the trailer
  • Direct to hub from your site premises, reducing the amount of forklift unloading back at our site depot for handling
  • Immediate stream for IT integration to allow you to barcode label each pallet, track/trace and obtain POD retrieval with our systems
  • Bespoke integration for any kind of ordering process

Streamline your distribution activity with MSD’s trailer drop & swap service ! at no extra cost to you. // 0116 2604080 – speak to our commercial team today.

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