MSD “Pallet Selfie” 2022 Service via Palletforce for Leicestershire businesses (read more)

At MSD, our Palletforce Ltd services allow us to offer our customers access to some great features. Unique to pallet networks you, with MSD, not only can have #livetracking with your #Pallets and allow your customers to get automatic #PreDelivery #Notifications, you can access your pallet #Selfie on our #Alliance system despatch software
#PalletNetwork #leicestershire

‘Pallet Selfie’ Maintains Palletforce As Technology Leaders – Palletforce

See our network website for further details on the link above

Speak to our commercial team via or call 0116 2604080 to enquire now regarding this service.


MSD can collect your palletised freight loads, daily, for onward UK delivery destinations on next day, same day, economy 2 day and various other timed premimum service. All together with our Pallet Selfie service included to visualise your goods during transit.

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