Sun. Jan 17th, 2021


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Palletforce Leicester – Switch over to MSD for December 2020 ready for 2021

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Pallets pre unload

Sending Palletised freight via a network?

Getting issues with your current supplier?

Tired of the same excuses?

Switch this month during December 2020 in time for next year and begin trialling what we can offer you. We are now running at peak volumes so if we can show you what we do and what we are about during our busiest time, you can be sure we know how to handle you all year round for 2021.

Start saving with our bespoke tariffs based on your pallet sizes & dimensions.

Utilise our industry leading online despatch software including “Pallet Selfie” imaging of every pallet during transit you ship with us together with track/trace & ePod retrieval.

Over 200+ businesses now using our services and networks on a daily basis throughout the East Midlands…. Join us now and see the difference on how we are part of the UK pallet networks most premium level service on a realistic sensible price comparison.

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