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MSD installs EBPMS to all it’s trailer fleet in line with our growing compliance department for safety of our loads (read more)

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EBPMS (Electronic Brake Performance Management System)

Maintaining the brakes on MSD trailers plays a critical role in ensuring that our trailers remain safe and compliant. In 2016, the DVSA stated that Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring Systems (EBPMS) could further improve trailer safety and subsequently issued guidelines and a specification for EBPMS and its use.

What is EBPMS?

EBPMS is a system that enables our fleet managers to monitor the braking performance of the trailers in their fleets. It captures information from a trailer’s electronic braking system and calculates its performance, feeding it back to a platform where it can be monitored and reported on.

EBPMS helps fleets meet safety, compliance and maintenance requirements. The data that EBPMS generates improves trailer management efficiency and minimises trailer downtime, and associated costs, by reducing the number of roller brake tests required throughout the year.

Near real-time data

An Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System will produce near real-time reports on underperforming brakes, which are available via the EBPMS platform, and will also provide notification, for example via email, to the user of any trailers with underperforming brakes. This will prompt the user to investigate the issue further and to take action.

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