Thu. Jun 24th, 2021

MSD part of robust supply chain to get economy moving (read more)

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As the UK tentatively emerges from lockdown, the challenge for all logistics operators is reacting to the specific demands of their customers.

In many cases, as manufacturing slowly returns, that means express delivery of smaller consignments of palletised goods than normal. Where full truckloads of freight may have been transported in the past, there could be a temporary move to half loads or single pallets.

Fortunately, pallet networks are ideally placed to handle reduced truckloads, being both cost-effective and sustainable.

As a member of Palletforce, MSD is one of more than 100 nationwide member companies able to collect and deliver in every UK postcode every day, and onward to more than 30 international countries.

Despite the disruption, the Palletforce network has remained robust and fully operational, transporting everything from food and critical medical supplies to everyday essentials during the lockdown period.

MSD is ready to handle freight as more manufacturers come online, with the capacity to transport consignments from one pallet to a full truckload.

Meanwhile access to industry-leading technology – such as ePod, pallet selfies and award-winning Alliance Sense – ensures safety through contactless deliveries and the best quality service and delivery performance.

Managing Director, William Mitchell says: “Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, MSD has been part of the great national effort to keep Britain’s supply chain moving. Now, as the country moves into the next phase of recovery, we will continue to work with the rest of the Palletforce network to get business back on its feet and help get the economy moving again.”

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