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Join MSD now with new bespoke rates and new service levels being offered to you, for exactly what you need

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New services live now as of Monday 27th February 2020 :

Customer Alerts – your clients get emailed notifications to keep them in the loop throughout your pallet delivery journey .

Pallet Selfies – Every pallet of every consignment has automated selfie images taken by our forklifts when being handled which you can see right along the way until it reaches your clients !

AI Sense – our systems detect where potential problems may arise IN ADANCE – keeping you informed and ahead of the game

NEW 2020 rates – Talk to us! We put a package together to ensure it’s right for you. We have been doing this a long time , you speak, we listen . Together we do business.

OVERSIZE RATES – Dedicated prices set so the price you see is the price you pay. Total transparency, always.

DAMAGE REDUCTION – our network is the highest performing for handling and damage reduction of any network . That’s not a sales pitch , it’s a fact. Based on proof and stats shared through networking reports from the APN. We are the best solution for your freight .

HONESTY – we know our competition. We know their limitations . We know our own value. We share with you, the facts of what you should know. Trust us to get it right for your business, always.



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